HCG Facts and Diet Protocol

The HCG diet has become very popular in society today. One of the reasons behind this awareness is the fact that the diet works effectively. This remedy for weight loss was discovered in the early years of the 1950s. Since then, more and more people are seeking information in a bid to find out what it is and whether it works. First, HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is basically a hormone that is found in pregnant women. Specifically, this hormone is produced in the placenta. It all started when a renowned British endocrinologist discovered that many women in India despite their low intake of calories were still delivering healthy babies in a healthy manner. The doctor was on a medical mission in India.

It is from the factor mentioned above that the specialist became curious. Over time, HCG diet was formulated around the abilities of the hormone. In pregnancy, this hormone is used by the fetus to uphold blood supply. This action enhanced metabolism and was therefore incorporated into plans that can now make loosing weight easy. Initially, this hormone was gotten in the urine of pregnant women. Thankfully, advancements in this area have led to better ways of getting hold of this hormone. It is also known for the stimulation and production of progesterone which is also responsible for efficient blood flow.

Through the above discovery, the British expert found that using low calorie foods together with high protein and this hormone can radically help in weight loss. This is how the HCG diet was born. Basically, this diet will ensure that the hypothalamus is stimulated to see to it that fat tissues are easily disposed. It works in a very simple way. Together with a low calorie diet, the hormone can be taken as a pill, injected or taken as drops. The injections can be self administered. However, it is critical to seek the help of a qualified professional before embarking on this diet plan.

The HCG diet protocol as mentioned above utilizes high protein and low fat and carbs. The following is an overview of the actual food components that make up the diet. When it comes to breakfast, tea and coffee are acceptable but there should be no sugar at all. Milk should be no more than a teaspoon. Some of the vegetables that people can have for lunch in this diet include spinach, cabbage, asparagus, tomato and onions. The diet does not allow people to mix oranges and apples or grapefruits; one must choose one of these.

The HCG diet allows people to have just a slice of bread and nothing more. Lemon, garlic and parsley are components that are allowed when it comes to seasoning. The administration of the hormones is for about 40 days in which people will have started noticing the obvious changes in their weight. After this diet plan, patients will not just record weight loss but their overall health will be improved. It is important to note that when menstruating, the administration of the HCG is stopped. When this plan is followed accordingly, each day, people should loose not less than 1 pound.

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